About Cat Preston

My Story

Jewellery is often the tangible expression of the universal language of love, friendship and connection. I trade in the stories behind the pieces.


I am from the UK but my adult life has taken me on an exciting journey living in Malaysia, France, Singapore the USA and Hong Kong.

I have always been a magpie, attracted to the beguiling sparkle and magic of jewellery. At its best it has the power to delight, transform, empower, protect and even possibly to heal. But for me, the fascination is in the stories that are so often intrinsically captured within the pieces. The sentimental associations of love, friendship, celebration and remembrance that render a piece so personal, cherished and priceless to us.

In 2010 I studied jewellery design in Singapore and started to make simple pieces in silver. My work now takes me all over the world, and has connected me with some incredibly talented, creative, inspiring people for whom it has been my privilege to design beautiful pieces that have become part of their story.


My Design Style


I design jewellery that captures the essence of the wearer and symbolises their personal loves and celebrates their milestones. Intrinsically beautiful, elegant and wearable but with a little bit of intuitive magic in the mix.


My intention is to create pieces that speak out to clients with creative flair and individuality who wear jewellery not simply as an accessory but as a personal statement of style and expression. I work in small collections so if you are someone who seeks out original pieces that reflect your individuality, you are in the right place.

Alternatively, If you are looking for a gift for the very special person in your life, I can also help. One of the aspects of my job that gives me the greatest pleasure is that so many pieces are purchased with someone else in mind; to spoil a loved one, seal a friendship or to celebrate an important milestone, wedding or anniversary. Those precious moments of simple happiness in life.

Whatever the occasion or specific brief, forming connections with clients to create a truly unique, bespoke piece that will be treasured now and perhaps passed on through generations is what I love to do most of all.

My Inspiration

The natural beauty of the world

I am endlessly drawn to the stunning landscapes that gave rise to the stones I use, and to the wildlife that calls these places home. The iridescent flash of a butterfly, the blush of a Spring flower, the incredible variety and scale of the natural world.

Patterns found in nature

Home for me is rural England where the landscapes are magical and compelling. I find inspiration in the simple patterns, structures and shapes that appear random at first glance but actually follow a perfect natural order that was summed up so succinctly by Leonardo Fibonacci.


I am fascinated by the interplay of colours. Our human emotions are intimately connected with colour blends – where one combination will uplift, another will drain. Gemstones, so rich and diverse in colour and texture, are a joy to work with. Vibrant or subtle, polished or raw – I let the essence of each stone shine through in my creations.

My cultural heritage

I grew up in rural Wiltshire, England, where prehistoric burial mounds (known locally as barrows) are common. It is here that Celts and Saxons laid their elders and leaders to rest burying with them the things they held most dear. These barrows offer a wealth of archaeological artefacts, including tiny fragments of polished amber and bone strung as necklaces – evidence that people have been adorning themselves and making precious keepsakes for centuries. I remember visiting local museums as a child and staring into these display cases bulging with these ancient relics, awestruck that a primitive culture could give the world such delicate, intricate offerings.

My family

Connectivity is very important to me. I grew up in a large family and now have a family of my own who are a huge source of pride and inspiration to me. Through my work I come into contact with so many talented and creative people who ignite in me a real sense of potential in the human spirit. My signature collection is called ‘Unity’ and is symbolic of the spirt of community and collaboration. We are social beings who can achieve so much more when we work together than we can alone.

My Jewellery

Jewellery Design and Creation

When working directly with a client on a bespoke, commissioned piece, I always strive to remain true to my deepest artistic motivation – to create unique, personal, wearable pieces that will be cherished now and maybe passed on down the generations because they have a story to tell.

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Bespoke Jewellery Pieces

I accept a limited number of commissions each month. If you have a specific stone in mind I can help you to source a beautiful example. Or, as is often the case, a short discussion can often get to the heart of something that would resonate, whether it’s a birthstone, a redesign of a family a heirloom or a favourite colour or shape. Get in touch if you would like to create something truly unique that helps to tell your story.

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Cat, a huge thank you for agreeing to design a ring for me. With your attention to detail and great listening skills, you have transformed a single heirloom diamond into a beautiful, classic ring. It is absolutely stunning and has far exceeded my expectations. Slightly nervous of creating a statement piece from a single diamond, your advice was amazing and made the entire experience extremely enjoyable. Thank you, thank you so much, you are fantastic and I love my new piece of jewellery.

Bryony / UK

One of the absolute favourite things I own, is a bespoke labradorite ring from Cat Preston Design. It is a true work of art and I adore it! The shape and colour of the labradorite is unbelievable and every time I wear it – it gets attention! I have never seen another one like it and it just makes me smile when I put it on my finger. This is one of many pieces from CPD that I treasure. Cat’s jewellery is of high quality and and her designs are sleek, clean and simply gorgeous. Her customer service is also second to none. It is just another way that Cat and her designs rise above the crowd

Britt / Singapore

I have to tell you now that I haven’t NOT worn the pendant you made me since I got it in HK and everyone compliments me on it. It is without a doubt my favourite piece of jewellery.

Zoe / UK