Five things to consider when choosing the perfect jewellery gift for a loved one.

My husband recently returned from New York with an exquisite gift. He had been to CW Pencil Enterprise’s tiny store in Manhattan and picked out a selection of the most beautiful pencils and some plain note pads. For someone who never leaves the house without a notebook and forms an inexplicable but personal connection with pencils it was the prefect gift. He was glowing as I was clearly over the moon. Jewellery is so often a gift so the art of giving and choosing the perfect piece is one of the things we pride ourselves on helping our customers achieve.

CW Pencil Enterprise NYC

Here’s a list of 5 things to consider that will help you get to the moment of knowing you got it so right.

1. Size does matter  

But not the way you think. The jewellery you select should be wearable and practical. Otherwise, it’s destined be condemned to the jewellery box no matter how beautiful it is. Consider her lifestyle, is she an active person who needs jewellery that can be worn when she is out for a run? Earrings that have an additional dangle are always a winner as they can be dressed up or down. Plus you have an easy to solution to gift-giving for years afterwards. Dress up or down – The drops are detachable which leave you to wear the hoops alone. Simple, elegant and timeless – the perfect little bit of sparkle that works with everything.

Emerald Cut Iolite and Diamond earrings

2. What’s her style?

Is she more of a yellow or a white gold person? Rose gold is the ultimate fashion statement at the moment – is that something that would resonate? Or, is she more of a classicist who would prefer something that will complement her current jewellery collection? If you are not sure yourself, ask a friend who will definitely be able to shed some light on it. There is nothing more endearing than someone sheepishly asking what you think their best friend would love to find under the tree. Trust me.

Unity Circle Pendant in rose gold vermeil with white topaz
Unity Circle Pendant in rose gold vermeil with white topaz

3. Personalise it

Nothing hits the spot better than showing you have really gone that extra mile and made it so much more personal. I recently sent a pendant engraved with a special message to a girlfriend to thank her for helping out with a trip to New York and this is what she said,

“Oh my goodness!! I am so in love with my new necklace. Wow. That is so so kind and beautiful of you. Love #MMM thank you so very much. It’s thoughtful, generous and will be treasured for my whole life. It’s so special”

Try getting a message like that and not feeling like you have done something good.

Pavé pendant and bracelet with customised engraving
Pavé pendant and bracelet with customised engraving

4. Personalise it some more

Close your eyes and picture your recipient for a moment. What’s her favourite colour? What are her passions or interests (see pencils above)? You could even commission a bespoke design with birthstones, initials or the birthstones of her children? Showing someone you care by making something unique is without doubt, THE best way to capture their heart – and the best news is that it doesn’t have to be the most expensive thing you ever purchased. Get it right and capture the sentiment in something simple and it will be treasured a whole lot more than a gift that cost ten times more but didn’t come with the added flourish of thoughtfulness.

Bespoke pendant featuring children's birthstones
Birthstone pendant in 18K yellow gold with amethyst, diamond, tourmaline and moonstone

5. Pick your moment

The best thing about the pencil gift was that it was so spontaneous. Don’t always wait for a birthday or anniversary. Learning the art of surprise has been a sure fire way to capture hearts for centuries. We even have a gift card for those moments when you just want to remind someone why they mean so much to you….

Gift-wrapped and ready to go